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GeoForAll is a simple idea powered by a global community who are all working for a selfless aim on providing Open Education opportunities for all. As it is an idea it just keeps expanding and spreads through minds. Openness is fundamental in harnessing the true potential of Geospatial Science and expanding digital economy opportunities for all. Open innovation is key in driving Digital Economy opportunities and to make sure that everyone benefits. Part of this initiative is to create openness in geo education and to encourage the flair and creativity that is so critical to society’s wellbeing, both now and in the future. In addition to the teaching resources available in the resources section, there are a range of software resources available for your research.

Mapping and Cartography

Data visualization, or cartography for mapping professionals, one of the key advantages of a GIS system. Software in this category ranges from desktop solutions, through to web services, web mapping, and mobile solutions.

Analysis and Processing

Spatial data analysis and processing is an important benefit to working with a GIS. Software in this category includes everything from desktop solutions and web services and the full range from command line tools to databases and cloud processing.

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Open Geospatial Science and Vision 2030

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