OSGeoLive Initiative

OSGeoLive is an outreach activity drawing together participants from across our organization in the production of a self-contained bootable distribution of open source spatial projects.

OSGeoLive is by far the largest initiative at OSGeo boasting a dedicated steering committee, hundreds and contributors and translators.

Steering Committee

Project Steering Committee

  • Angelos_Tzotsos (Chair)
  • Brian M Hamlin
  • Cameron Shorter
  • Alex Mandel
  • Johan Van de Wauw
  • Bas Couwenberg
  • Massimo De Stefano
  • Astrid Emde
  • Ben Caradoc-Davies
  • Nicolas Roelandt
  • Vicky Vergara

For more information please see the initiative website for sponsors and participants.


OSGeo Sponsors

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