IstSOS is an OGC Sensor Observation Service server implementation written in Python with a user friendly interface and rich feature collection to easily manage your sensor network and distribute your data in a standard way.

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Core features

  • Core features

    • Publish sensor data in accordance with the Sensor Observation Service (SOS) standard.
    • Administer sensors and data with an intuitive web-based interface.
    • Use a complete RestFul API to access istSOS functionality from external clients to create interactive charts, display sensor on a dinamic map or just write some maintainance scripts.
    • Get notified through mail, twitter or other social media when sensor data meets specific conditions.
    • User authentication and authorization with different access levels (administrator, network manager, data manager and visitor).
    • Create Virtual Procedures that looks like normal stations but whose data results from on-the-fly elaboration of other sensor data.
    • Associate quality indexes to each observation thanks to embedded validation tests.
    • Online editing of data with a seamless interface and advanced observation calculator.

Implemented Standards

  • Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
  • Sensor Observation Service (SOS)