There are various ways to get in touch with OSGeo

Thank you for your interest in contacting OSGeo. Note that depending on your area of inquiry, there are a number of different mailing lists to use.

Technical questions

Remember: all project or software related questions (technical and non-technical) should be addressed directly to the appropriate project-specific mailing list.

List of OSGeo project mailing lists:

More and more discussion is taking place on our Discourse platform. Have a look here:

General Discussion List

General questions and comments should be sent to OSGeo’s Discuss mailing list. Subscribe at:

Contact OSGeo’s Board of Directors

If you would like to discuss with OSGeo’s Board of Directors, send your message to the board mailing list.

Please subscribe at

Postal address

9450 SW Gemini Dr. #42523
Beaverton, Oregon 97008
United States

Info Address

Email: info(at)osgeo(dot)org

The info address is not monitored regularly, and forwards only to a few recipients and is therefore not recommended. Please use one of the above mailing lists to guarantee a proper response to your query.

Feedback Form

If you don’t have a question about an OSGeo software project, you can complete the following form to send a message. Note that questions about OSGeo projects will not be answered, and this feedback form is not monitored frequently.



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