An intelligent technology, free and open source for the integral water cycle management.

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Giswater is an open-source tool for the integral water cycle management namely water supply, sewerage or flood risks. It was especially developed and designed for city councils, supramunicipal administrations, water and sewerage services concessionary companies and hydraulic professionals.

Giswater acts as a driver that connects different hydraulic analysis tools and spatial database through which you have access from any geographic information system (GIS). It is compatible with all the elements that compose a water supply or sewerage management system like EPANET, EPA SWMM, GIS, WMS or SCADA and therefore it can be incorporated to the informatic ecosystem of any entity or company dedicated to water management and multiply its benefits.

It is also possible to integrate business management tools like ERP, CRM or Business Intelligence and also corporative mobile devices. It is developed in Python and PL-SQL and is compatible with any spatial database, as well as with all GIS systems.

Core features

  • Asset management

    • Capacity to work with water supply network (WS) sewage and urban drainage (UD) networks
    • Powerful tools to create-update-delete features
    • Manage associated elements and documents for network assets
    • Capacity to work with obsolete, on service and planned assets
  • Hydraulic capabilities

    • Full integration with EPANET to work with water network analysis
    • Full integration with SWMM to work with sewage systems analysis
    • Full integration with SWMM/IBER to work with urban drainage using coupled model (1D/2D)
    • Dscenario manager & psector manager to work with any 'what if' scenarios
  • Special features

    • Rich environment to configure default values and capabilities for each user
    • Powerful toolbox with functions to check quality data, fix and repair it
    • Working with minimum cut for water supply network
    • Profile tool for pipes and conduits
  • Implemented standards

    • IWA water balances
    • Geographic JSON (GeoJSON)

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