Actinia is an open source REST API for scalable, distributed, high performance processing of geographical data that uses GRASS GIS for computational tasks. Users can process satellite images, time series of satellite images, and also arbitrary raster and vector data with geographical relations.


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Actinia is a REST service to process geographical data that can be managed by the GRASS GIS software system. The software is designed to expose a GRASS GIS database and many GRASS GIS [1] processing tool as REST service [2]. This REST interface allows to access, manage and manipulate the GRASS GIS database via HTTP GET, PUT, POST and DELETE requests and to process raster, vector and time series data located in a persistent GRASS GIS database.

Hence, access to GRASS resources like raster and vector maps, space-time raster datasets, processing and analysis modules are available via URL. In addition, actinia allows the processing of cloud based data, for example all Landsat 4-8 scenes as well as all Sentinel-2 scenes in an ephemeral databases. The computational results of ephemeral processing are available via object storage as GeoTIFF files.



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