OSGeo-fr is the French spoken chapter. It is a French non-profit but its members come from all over the world.

The OSGeo-fr association is the Francophone representation of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation whose mission is to help and promote the collaborative development of open geospatial data and technologies. The association serves as a legal entity to which members of the community can contribute to the code, finance and other resources, ensuring that their contributions are maintained for the benefit of the public.

OSGeo-fr also serves as a reference and support organization for the open geospatial community, and provides a common forum and shared infrastructure for improved collaboration between projects.

Participation is open to the entire open-source community. All the works of the association are published in public forums where a community free of participants can be invested. The OSGeo Foundation projects are all freely available and can be used under an open source license certified by the OSI. Today, only natural persons may join the association.