Loïc Bartoletti

My Mission

I have a dual background as a historian and urban planner, specializing in territorial analysis. I'm involved in the development of QGIS and business tools with PostgreSQL/PostGIS. My main interest is to work on civil engineering tools, surveying and drawing. I am also a FreeBSD contributor looking to port the osgeo stack to BSD systems.


2017: FOSS4G-EU, Paris, France: Visitor

2018: FOSS4G-fr, Paris, France: Speaker. “Passer de la DAO au SIG. Enjeu et évolutions des outils“.

2020: QGIS-fr, Clermont-Ferrand, France: program committee. Workshop about “utilisation du plugin DICT

2021-2023: QGIS-fr, Clermont-Ferrand, France: program committee.

2022: Foss4G, Firenze, Italy: “From CAD to GIS: Where are we?

2024: QGIS-fr, Grenoble, France: program committee.

My QGIS plugins:

You can find me:

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