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UTU Geospatial consists of geospatial research, education and cooperation resources and activities at the University of Turku (UTU), Finland. Our geospatial expertise is founded on multidisciplinary research and education and international cooperation globally. Geospatial data, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Earth observation, digital cartography, locational technologies and various geospatial analyses and modelling methods are applied in natural and social sciences, economics, humanities, medical sciences and education (http://geospatial.utu.fi). The geospatial research and teaching activities at UTU stem from easy access to digital geospatial data, software and hardware combined with access to cloud-based computing environments. These include a wide range of digital GIS and image processing software with laboratory and mobile installations, and the use of mobile devices, such as laser scanners, UAVs, GPSs, GNSS receivers, as well as smart phones and tablets. UTU is a part of Fiuginet, Finnish University Network in Geoinformatics since 2008 and the regional Spatial Data Infrastructure hub in South-West Finland, Lounaispaikka, since 2002. We are also part of AGILE, Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe and EARSeL, European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories. UTU has strong geospatial research profile especially in the subjects of Geography, Geology, Biology and Archaeology. These address dynamic nature-human processes where spatio-temporal information at different scales are integrated with biophysical field measurements and knowledge from the local communities and society through place-based mapping methods. Mapping, analyses and visualization is enabled through these multidimensional models of the dynamic Earth. We have key research and education expertise in fluvial processes and flood modelling; land cover/land use mapping and land change analysis; biodiversity and mapping of forest dynamics; coastal and marine environments and marine spatial planning; urban climate and environmental change; participatory spatial planning and citizen-science approaches, and Earth observation and geospatial innovations and business development.

Examples of projects/research groups:
Tanzania Research Team: http://tanzania.utu.fi
Amazon Research Team: http://www.utu.fi/en/sites/amazon/Pages/home.aspx
Coastal Geography Group: https://www.utu.fi/en/sites/coastal/Pages/home.aspx
Fluvial Research Group: http://www.utu.fi/en/sites/fluvial/Pages/home.aspx
Urban Climate Research Group: http://www.utu.fi/en/sites/climate/climate/turclim/Pages/home.aspx

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