OSGeo Lab CZ – Geo for All

The laboratory serves as a space for studentes and teachers to work with geospatial facilities – there are 24 computers, 8 of them are equipped with full-featured and up-to-date OSGeoLive, the rest are based on MS Windows with current open (not only geospatial) software. The main tasks related to work in the laboratory are connected to environmental issues (natural hazards/risks, environmental modeling…) and citizen science projects (OpenStreetMap etc.).

International projects
– European COST Action 15212 (The Citizen Science COST Action to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe)

National projects
– Geographical aspects of citizen science: mapping trends, scientific potential and societal impacts in the Czech Republic (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports)
– National database of camera trap records (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic)

Regional/Local projects
– Identification of support tools in citizen science (RVO UTB)
– Innovative approaches in environmental management (RVO UTB)
– Geographic information systems in applied crisis management (IP UTB)
– Implementation of augmented reality and location-based services tools to presentation of conceptual documents related to regional development (IGA)

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