OpenGIS Harmonization

Resolve use of org.opengis java package between OSGeo, OGC and Apache Foundation.

In an early experimented in cross-project collaboration GeoTools participated in the test-bed for the GeoAPI project responsible for org.opengis interfaces. The OGC GeoAPI Implementation Specification was eventually published, and now at version 3 has asked for exclusive use of the org.opengis Java package.

This activity requires your participation and support:

Initiative outcomes:

  1. Refactor the use of org.opengis interfaces in the GeoTools project
  2. Remove unused interfaces, such as Geometry, that have not attracted sufficient sustained investment.
  3. Rollback design changes made to GeoTools to facilitate adoption of GeoAPI interfaces.
  4. Provide downstream projects with a migration script to minimize disruption.


Cross-project initiative with a range of projects affected:

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