GeoWave is a software library that connects the scalability of distributed computing frameworks and key-value stores with modern geospatial software to store, retrieve and analyze massive geospatial datasets.

locationtech project


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While the core toolkit is generally applicable to multi-dimensional use cases, GeoWave has focused on tailored extensions to support spatial types and operators, with or without temporal timestamps or time ranges. Additionally, it provides advanced features to leverage a distributed backend for visualization or analysis. The software is intended to be easily pluggable into any sorted key-value store, and its modular design is intended to enable feature extension into various geospatial toolkits.

Core features

  • Core features

    • Adds multi-dimensional indexing to Accumulo, HBase, BigTable and others
    • Adds support for geographic objects and geospatial operators to distributed key-value stores
    • A GeoServer plugin to allow geospatial data in a GeoWave datastore to be shared and visualized via OGC standard services
    • Provides Map-Reduce input and output formats for distributed processing and analysis of geospatial data