Bolsena Code Sprint 2023

Welcome back to Bolsena! This sprint offers an extended period of 10 days, giving participates a chance to work and meet a little bit longer. The location is in an Italian monastery (see map location), photos and videos: 2008-video, 2009-video and 2010-video. The monastery is overlooking Lago Bolsena and offers space to about 25 people in small bedrooms. It is one of the coolest places for such an event. Quiet, isolated, simple and serene.

Have a look yourself, including looking at the photo gallery. For what the food concerns, we cook elaborate meals you will definitely enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ . There’s a large dining space, but we will eat outside overlooking the lake if weather permits (very likely in August). You can stay all ten days and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is included in the price. As in previous years, we will go out for a city visit and a dinner on one of the evenings. Last year many of us made a trip during the weekend that was mythical ๐Ÿ™‚

The event will take place during two weeks. You can decide to join for one or two weeks (participants for two weeks will have preference in case of overbooking). You can sign up on the wiki.

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