OpenGeoLabs s.r.o.

OpenGeoLabs company was established in 2014. We are providing services and our knowledge related to open source software for geospatial. Among others, we are providing lectures and workshops under the GISMentors trade mark.

OpenGeoLabs Ltd. is a software company registered in the Czech Republic. We are focused on development, consultancy, lecturing and mentoring of open source software for geospatial – Open Source GIS. We are building large team of external consultants, developers and experts, so we can provide appropriate services on highest level.

We are focused on the development of GRASS GIS, PyWPS, QGIS, GDAL, PostGIS, OWSLib and others. We are the people behind the Gisquick project.

We are active members of global open source community in frame of OSGeo as well on local level.

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