MapCentia believes getting easy access to standard based open source software matters. As the company behind the open source project GC2/Vidi — a complete platform for building spatial data infrastructure, MapCentia is helping teams to get the most out of their data. From local governments to world leading consulting firms, our product is extending what’s possible with open source software and data.

Get your spatial data infrastructure up and running with professional service
Alignment of your open source SDI servers to specific use cases is key to maximizing the value of your data. We offer technical insight to help you get to production quickly, painlessly, and with top performance.

Deployment on MapCentia’s server cluster
You get a PostGIS database and all GC2 features on our shared server cluster at Amazon AWS. We take daily offsite backups and provide support over email and / or

Dedicated deployment at Amazon AWS
We deploy, maintain and manage a dedicated GC2/Vidi cluster in the cloud. Together we find the right server sizes, degree of scale-out, backup strategy etc. You can have multiple databases and make customizations to the software.

Install of GC2/Vidi on own server
We install GC2/Vidi on your own Linux server, whether it is running in the cloud or standing in your own server space. You pay once and get your own GC2 installation.

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