Astun Technology

Astun Technology was formed in 2005 to provide open source and web-based GIS services to local and central governments.  Today, as all organisations realise the technical and financial benefits of using cloud solutions to create, manage and deliver their crucial geo-services, the demand for Astun’s knowledge and experience in delivering marketing leading, fully managed AWS-based GIS cloud solutions, continues to grow.

The staff of over 60 organisations rely on Astun to provide them with simple and fast access to the geodata, information and tools they need to make better decisions. Our clients include Government Agencies, Local Authorities, National Parks, Emergency Services, Social Housing Cooperatives as well as Utilities and other Commercial Companies.

The enterprise-wide services we provide are based upon Open Source and OSGeo technologies including; QGIS, GeoServer, GeoNetwork, MapServer, PostGIS and OpenLayers, and our Astun expert staff draw on over 250 man-years of expertise to provide the full suite of skills our clients need including development, deployment, support and training. Find out more about our training courses at

We have always supported the OSGeo community and many of our staff are well known members including;  Antony Scott, Jo Cook, Ian Turton, Matt Walker, Steven Feldman and Mike Saunt. In 2017 we contributed over £10,000 to Open Source sponsorship and through funding code development as well as donating over 90 man days of our staff’s time for OSGeo activities. Further, our staff gave up 25 days of their own time to various community contributions including volunteering for Map Action and open source code sprints.

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