Masterportal is an open source geoviewer (WebGIS) compliant to OGC standards. It is highly configurable and is based on a configurative approach – it needs no programming knowledge to set up. Requirements are limited to a simple webserver and the availability of OGC-services. With numerous OGC interfaces available and many ready-to-go tools, the Masterportal offers the possibility of setting up a WebGIS within minutes.



The Masterportal is developed in JavaScript, CSS and HTML and is based on several other robust OpenSource libraries such as OpenLayers, VueJS, Bootstrap 5 or ChartJS. It is published under MIT License and is thus available to be used in any context.

The Masterportal was originally designed by the city of Hamburg based on the needs of a smart municipality and is now being further developed by a large developer community.

Core features

  • Implemented Features

    • Time Slider
    • Routing via Open Route Service
    • Draw and Measure
    • Filter functionality
    • Printing via Mapfish-Print
    • Bufferanalysis
    • Multilingual GUI using i18next
    • Overviewmap
    • Search via WFS, Gazeteer, OSM
    • Elastic Search
    • Much more
  • Additional interfaces

    • VTC
    • WMS-Time
    • Sensor Things API
    • Secured WMS
    • WPS
    • Elastic Search

Implemented Standards

  • Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW)
  • Geographic JSON (GeoJSON)
  • Georeferenced Tagged Image File Format (GeoTIFF)
  • Geography Markup Language (GML)
  • Keyhole Markup Language (KML)
  • Mapbox Vector Tile Specification

  • Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
  • OGC API family of OpenAPI standards (OGC API)
  • (OGC API - Features)
  • OpenStreetMap (OSM)
  • Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD)
  • Web Feature Service (WFS)
  • Web Feature Service - Gazetteer Service

  • Web Feature Service -┬áTransactional (WFS-T)
  • Web Map Service (WMS)
  • Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)
  • Web Processing Service (WPS)

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