Julia Martinuzzi

My Mission

Over the past 5 years, my journey in the world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has been an exciting and continuous learning experience. Each day brings an opportunity to acquire new knowledge, and I am deeply passionate about embracing these daily challenges. Every year, I immerse myself in new spaces within the GIS community, allowing me to forge valuable connections with like-minded individuals and, concurrently, expand my knowledge base. I've had the privilege of sharing my expertise and insights at various significant events. At FOSS4G 2023, I had the honor of delivering talks that delved into the latest trends in open-source geospatial technologies. In IDERA Argentina, I contributed to the community by offering talks that addressed critical issues in the geoinformatics field. Furthermore, I actively participated in the International Congress of the Chilean Spatial Data Infrastructure (IDE) in 2022, where I collaborated in discussions and promoted key initiatives in the geospatial information domain. My primary motivation continues to be the transformative power of geospatial information in decision-making. I am committed to finding creative ways to bring this valuable tool closer to a wider audience, thereby contributing to a world where more people can harness the potential of geospatial information in their daily choices. Moreover, my active involvement in events such as UN GGIM Americas has enabled me to contribute to the promotion of open standards and sustainable practices within the geospatial domain at both regional and global levels.


COO of Kan Territory & IT, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina. She is an enthusiast of agile methodologies and holds certifications in SCRUM methodology, Quality Management, and Product Owner. In her role as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Kan, she oversees various tasks related to operational management and strategy implementation. Within the Undersecretariat of Evidence-based Public Policy of the Government of Buenos Aires City, she previously worked as a Project Manager and Coordinator of the Project Management Department. She also served as a Management Advisor to the Vice Minister of Education of Argentina, where she managed the national and international agenda, promoted policies on Digital Education, Programming, and Robotics, and led initiatives in international forums such as the G20 “Education Chapter,” OECD, UNESCO, UNICEF, and the IDB.

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