Gabriel Asato


I am argentinean, geologist specialized on geo-information. Since 1990 I begin my GIS carrear first with Arc/info, Idrisi and SGI (the predecesor of Spring GIS). I made in 1993 my posgraduate Tesis in Brasil at National Space Research Institute (INPE). In 1994 I started to work at the Argentina Geological Survey as GIS specialist on automated map production. In 2006 I joined to the Commission for the Management of Geoscience Information as Council Officer (CGI-IUGS) for South America and I colaborated with OGC with Speaker Bureau and Innovation Program. In Argentina I was in charge on different public service working groups like the Information Subgroup (National Network for Land Management), the Geoinformation Workgroup (Argentina Digital Agenda), At present I am working on GIS analysis for mineral exploration, data modelling, and I making my PhD research on Information Technological Development and Adoption by the Argentine Public Service. Since 1990 I gave different training courses on introduction on GIS, metadata, MM-SQL, GIS for organizations, Web Services, Interoperability for Disaster Management, Development of GIS Projects on Corporate Environment. In 2009 I organized the first Latin America Seminar on Geoscience Information. In 2013 I was member of FOSS4G Argentina. In 2012 and 2013 I was adivsor for the Natural Resources Data Management Conference (Brasil), in 2017 I was member of the organization of the Disaster Simulation (NASA-OGC). I love FOSS4G Software currently I work with QGIS, Python, Spatialite, GDAL/OGC, R and sometimes with Geoserver & PostGIS. My Github is this and I am working porting ArcSDM to QGIS and include some new geological geospatial analysis tools,

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