Website and Branding Kickoff

After completing the request for proposal process in March, the marketing committee has finally kicked off our project with the selected vendor Get Interactive.

The website/rebranding project will produce 3 sets of output:

  1. An updated set of branding for our organization and its sub-brands which will be delivered as a standard online organizational brand style guide;
  2. new website theme and focus heavily oriented toward onboarding new users (providing guidance toward an appropriate set of software for their needs);
  3. A set of digital templates and collateral for print marketing materials.

The details for each of these components can be found in the Expression of Interest document. The website provides a home for sub-brands (OSGeo-Live, GeoForAll, Local Chapters etc) that wish to use the overall theme and structure. The templates for print materials are likewise intended for use by local chapters, GeoForAll labs and general outreach.

Background information is on the website. The minutes from this week’s kickoff meeting are online.

Introducing Get Interactive

Get Interactive has provided a short video for our members.


Thanks to Initiative Sponsors

A big thanks to our key sponsors: GeoCat and Boundless. The financial backing of these organizations, and the OSGeo board, make this activity possible. For information on sponsoring, or to check out who else is supporting this project, visit our website.

Working Together

We have a representative from the system administration committee (Harrison Grundy) who has joined our project team to help collaborate. The goal is to have the new site live before FOSS4G 2017 in Boston, so we can hold a workshop for OSGeo members (YOU!).

There are two other communities where a volunteer is needed:

  • GeoForAll: We are specifically looking for someone to join from the GeoForAll initiative. This is an successful outreach initiative and your feedback and direction is needed.
  • Local Chapters: We also need a strong outreach voice from our local chapters, that needs to be heard. If you have experience in a local chapter your help is needed.

OSGeo is a volunteer organization, we invite anyone from the community to participate. If you are available to fill these roles, please join the marketing committee email list and speak up!

This project will be providing regular updates to this list approximately once a month and there will be ample opportunity for feedback.

Lets all work very hard to be constructive and look toward the larger goal of presenting OSGeo, our projects and initiatives professionally, clearly and most of all in a way that is accessible to GIS users. There are many out there who may not yet be familiar with open source and are looking to us as their Open Source Compass.

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