Website and Branding July Update

We are reaching the end of the road with one of our final updates on the website/rebranding reboot initiative.

OSGeo has been the home of the open source geospatial community for over ten years. Over this time we have grown and matured as the industry and ecosystem has evolved. In 2017 the marketing committee was given an exciting initiative to rebrand and redesign OSGeo and our affiliated properties.

For details check the Expression of Interest document and OSGeo project page. You can track our weekly meetings online.

Sponsors: This initiative is funded by OSGeo with the help of sponsorship – thanks to our key sponsors GeoCat and Boundless for helping to make this possible.

Branding and Collateral

FOSS4G Europe marked our first chance to try out the new OSGeo branding. Thanks to Marc Vloemans for coordinating our debut at the OSGeo booth. The OSGeo booth was enjoyed by all, with plenty of pictures on the FOSS4GE flickr group.

There was also a presentation on our work thus far:

And the best part was the code-sprint where we had several teams working. Nicolas Roelandt and Jody Garnett worked on the content collection forms and sharing them with Astrid, Luca, Venka and more focused on reviewing printed material and coming up with a list of changes and corrections.

Due to the enthusiastic response we have started sharing draft content on github to keep up:

  • branding: logos, fonts and draft style guide.
  • photos: example background photos as described in the style guide.
  • presentation: presentation templates for everyone getting ready for FOSS4G.
  • print: example print materials to inspire teams working on their own information sheets.

Special thanks to Luca for prototyping feedback from the code-sprint as SVG files and joining the marketing team to attend meetings with Get Interactive. Luca has worked hard to make a SVG templates available for teams wishing to prepare an information sheet for FOSS4G.


With wireframes and visual design out of the way, we’re ready for the new website! The team at Get Interactive is hard at work on the beta website which you can see here:

Frank Warmerdam has stepped up to help the Get Interactive access the drupal database and directories website for content migration. Although our agreement with Get Interactive covers content migration it has been a real challenge to obtain support during these beautiful summer months – thank you for volunteering Frank!

By the same token we would love to invite everyone to edit and help with content creation directly – but LDAP login using “osgeo id” has not been established. While that is disappointing for all involved – here is what we have instead:

  • Software Projects – we invite project teams to fill in this google form with project details, screen snaps and a team photo if you have it. If you have previously written an OSGeo Live overview this will take five minutes (most of which is finding a good team photo). We ask that you discuss which service providers (companies, organizations or individuals) should be listed as core contributors for your project.
  • GeoForAll Labs – the GeoForAll project already has a jump on collecting lab locations and details. Check the GeoForAll list for details and coordination.
  • Service Providers – we invite companies, organizations and individuals working in our community to connect with website visitors
  • Resources – our community produces a wide range of material we would like to promote on the website. If you have any appropriate presentations, workshops, tutorials, white papers or videos please share.

This is not an ideal situation – your help is requested to bring everything together.

Working Together

If your organization is in a position to financially support this activity please check our webpage for details. Several sponsorship opportunities are available: Key sponsors are acknowledged in each blog post and update. Sponsor logos are used in our wireframes. Supporters are thanked publicly in a monthly blog post.

Thanks to our community of volunteers and everyone who has joined this month!

FOSS4G 2017

FOSS4G Boston: The website/rebranding initiative will be highlighted throughout the conference at the OSGeo Booth, assorted presentations and a birds-of-a-feather session.

Website Training: Please sign up on the OSGeo Wiki for website training with Get Interactive. We ask that projects and committees take part in this important activity (we are paying for it so please take advantage of the opportunity).

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