[Election 2017] Charter Member nomination results

Dear members of the OSGeo community,

After a period of three weeks, we close the membership process to confirm and share the results.

All the candidates (Election 2017 and New Member Nominations 2017) are accepted as all of them:

  • were nominated by an existing charter member;
  • were seconded by at least one charter member;
  • no veto votes registered.

Hence, it is our pleasure to welcome our 78 candidates to the OSGeo Charter Membership, increasing its size to a total of 390 individuals. Congratulations!

New members, we encourage you all to update your wiki profiles with the Charter Member badge, adding yourselves to the category and finally if you have not yet done so, add your profile to the OSGeo Advocates list.

We will inform the board for formal acceptance of the list, update the official list, pass to the secretary the revised contacts, and subscribe the new members to the charter-members list as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Vasile & Jeff
CRO 2017 Elections

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