OSGeo Services Userid

OSGeo provides members, software users, and developers access to OSGeo services with a single userid and password.

To request, and manage, your own OSGeo userid:

  • Creating a Userid: An OSGeo userid can be created using this form.
  • Updating Email: Visit this form to update name, email address or password for your userid.
  • Password Reset: Lost your password? Visit our password reset page to reset your password.
  • Finding a userid: If you believe you have an OSGeo userid, but have forgotten it, or if you need someone elses OSGeo user (for instance to assign a bug to them) you can search by common name using this form.
  • Help: For additional information please visit OSGeo Userid Help (wiki)

OSGeo Userid Enabled Services

Currently the following services honour OSGeo-wide userids.

Other Services

The following services have their own sign-on:

  • Wiki: The OSGeo wiki uses it’s own userid list for those wanting to edit, but it is easy to signup for a wiki userid. Please make sure to add your email address to the appropriate field because it is used to verify you are a real person. Before that it is not possible to edit the Wiki.
  • Shell access to primary OSGeo server – available by special arrangement with the System Administration Committee.

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