UN Committee

This committee has the objective to contribute to the member states and UN committees by integrating the OsGeo Service Providers, the GeoForAll Academic Network and the OsGeo community. Disseminate between the UN and its members the possibility of Stable Stacks of OsGeo Projects. Also to be the link between UN Open GIS and the community, as well as to promote OsGeo activities.

As background to this committee, the OSGeo Board of Directors had a meeting with the UN GIS team at FOSS4G in Seoul, Korea, in September 2015. The UN GIS team was very interested in having OSGeo “at the table”. Mr. Kyoung-Soo Eom, head of the UN Geospatial Information Section, invited OSGeo to join a working group on Geospatial Information and Disaster Services to support the UN’s migration to open source geospatial software solutions, from this the current committee was generated.

Among the main objectives of the Committee to support UN member states and committees are the following:

  • Providing them with a network of service providers for OSGeo projects.
  • Making the GeoForAll Academic network available.
  • Highlighting to the UN and its members the benefits of the stable stack of OSGeo projects through events or communications
    Establish communication between the UN-Open GIS team and the OSGeo community.
  • Promote OSGeo outreach activities.

You are invited to join the committee by joining the mailing list and adding your name to the list of committee members at the bottom of this page.

Initiatives we are working on include:

UN – Open GIS

If you want to join the network of OSGeo service providers to make open source more solid, click on the link on the page.

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