OSGeo Services Userid

OSGeo is endevouring to using allow members, software users, and developers to access a variety of OSGeo services with a single userid and password. At this time we are only part way to our goal. This page describes how to get, and use an OSGeo userid and the services it can be used with.

Guide for this page

Creating a Userid

Currently an OSGeo userid can be created using this simple form.

Updating Email and Password

Visit this form to update name, email address or password for your userid. Lost your password? Visit our password reset page to reset your password.

Finding a Userid

If you believe you have an OSGeo userid, but have forgotten it, or if you need someone elses OSGeo user (for instance to assign a bug to them) you can search by common name using this form.

Note that OSGeo userid created before January 1st 2007 (on the old Collabnet portal) are no longer available. You will require a new userid.

OSGeo Userid Enabled Services

Currently the following services honour OSGeo-wide userids.

  • www.osgeo.org: This Drupal web site (only required for content creation).
  • Trac: Project bug reporting and wikis.
  • svn.osgeo.org: Developer Subversion source control system.
  • Shell Access to Telascience blades can be enabled for OSGeo userids by arrangement with the System Administration Committee.
  • Other Services

    The following services do not yet use the central OSGeo userid.

    • Wiki: The main OSGeo wiki uses it's own userid list for those wanting to edit, but it is easy to signup for a wiki userid. Please make sure to add your email address to the appropriate field because it is used to verify you are a real person. Before that it is not possible to edit the Wiki.
    • Shell access to primary OSGeo server - available by special arrangement with the System Administration Committee.