MapFish is a flexible and complete framework for building rich web-mapping applications based on the Pylons Python web framework which it extends with geospatial-specific functionality. For example MapFish provides specific tools for creating web services that allow querying and editing geographic objects.

MapFish also provides a complete RIA-oriented JavaScript toolbox, a JavaScript testing environment, and tools for compressing JavaScript code. The JavaScript toolbox is composed of the ExtJS, OpenLayers and GeoExt JavaScript toolkits.

Current release

MapFish 2.2 is the current release


MapFish extends the Pylons web framework with tools (commands) for creating web-mapping projects, and web services for querying and editing geographic objects.

Web-mapping application developers working with MapFish use GeoAlchemy for reading/writing geographic objects from/to spatial databases, Shapely for manipulating geometries, ExtjS, GeoExt and OpenLayers for creating UIs. They also have all the libraries of the Pylons ecosystem at their disposal, these libraries include - but aren't limited to - the SQLAlchemy database toolkit, the Mako template engine, the repoze.who and repoze.what security frameworks.

With MapFish, web-mapping application developers combine general-purpose web technologies with geospatial-oriented libraries in their applications; for example, this makes it possible to leverage general-purpose web security frameworks to secure geographic feature web services.

This makes MapFish a framework of choice for building custom GIS applications for the web.

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