Atol Conseils et Développements

As open source solutions integrator since 2000, Atol Conseils et Développements creates custom mapping solutions based on recognized GIS open source components: Openlayers, GeoServer, PostGIS, GeoTools, JTS, Géosource… The company has also developed expertise in the design of mobile mapping applications to users (farmers, technical services, firefighters, scientists, …) as part of their field missions.

We believe that pooling makes it possible to capitalize on functional analyzes. We try at our level to encourage the spread of business solutions, the sharing of studies and components under free licenses. The open source approach corresponds to our values ​​and our commitments towards our customers.

Some GIS open source examples :

  • Pentaho Data Integrator GIS Plugins : It brings some GIS capabilities to the Pentaho Data Integrator ETL
  • Remocra : A collaborative extranet for the management of fire defense, crises management (flood, fire, …), the search for causes and circumstances of fires… It is designed by and for firefighters.

Atol CD is a digital services company specializing in the development of business applications. The company has expertise in various fields: ECM, BPM, Robotic Process Automation, GIS,CMS …


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