Kaoto is an integration editor to create and deploy workflows in a visual, low-code or no-code way. It provides developer-friendly features like a code editor and deployments to the cloud.


Use it as standalone or as a service in the cloud, seamlessly deploying your integrations to Kubernetes clusters. Don’t stop at editing: deploy, debug, and monitor your integration workflows. Built-in support for Camel K to deploy Apache Camel integrations.

Support custom views for your specific needs. Add your own DSL and extensions. Include custom views and building blocks for more complex needs. Show manuals and helpers for your use cases. Automate discovery of resources.

Kaoto augments user productivity via Apache Camel: it accelerates new users and helps experienced developers.

Core features

  • Drag and Drop Integration Editor

    • Create workflow orchestrations visually
    • Low Code and No Code
    • Configurable with ui extensions
  • Support multiple Domain Specific Languages

    • Camel Routes
    • Kamelet
    • Kamelet Bindings
    • ...or your own as an extension
  • Cloud Native

    • Deployment with Camel K
    • ... or run as standalone