HOT Tasking Manager

The purpose of the Tasking Manager is to divide a large mapping project into smaller tasks that can be completed rapidly and collaboratively, with many people contributing to a collective project goal. The tool shows what needs to be mapped, which areas need to be reviewed and validated for quality assurance and which areas are completed.

HOT Tasking Manager

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The HOT Tasking Manager allows the distribution of tasks to many individual mappers. It also allows monitoring of project progress and helps to improve the consistency of the mapping (e.g. elements to cover, specific tags to use, etc.)

All work is done through OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is the community-driven free and editable map of the world, supported by the not-for-profit OpenStreetMap Foundation.

Read more on the OSM Wiki or join the discussion with your local OSM community.

Access the Tasking Manager Sustainability Model FAQs for services and support information.

Core features

  • Orgnized editing

    • Mapping
    • Validating
    • Integration with different editors: iDeditor, JSOM, RapidID
  • Customized statistics

    • Individual users
    • Organizations
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