First Draft GIS

First Draft GIS is an Artificial Intelligence that makes the first draft of a map for you.

First Draft GIS


Use Cases

Map The News

News organizations can use First Draft GIS to include a map with all of their news articles. Just drop an iframe that points to and see a map magically appear on your page. First Draft GIS creates the map by going to your web page, identifying places mentioned on the page and then dropping those points on a map.


Visualizing Data Stores

Use First Draft GIS to visualize the contents of your large datastores. Better Know The Opposition used First Draft GIS to map 25,584 press releases and public statements from opposition and rebel groups. They were able to identify areas in which the groups have demonstrated interest and improve understanding of local actors in complex conflicts.


Class Projects

Students use First Draft GIS to quickly put together maps before their due dates. One student used First Draft GIS to make a map of supposed UFO sightings in all 50 states by inputing urls to tables of events for each state found on

Track Social Media Trends

First Draft GIS can locate tweets and social media posts and then put them on a map. We have a robust API that will work with your data in whatever format you have it. Get in touch and we will write integration code especially for you!

Core features

  • Map The News

    • Convert news articles on news sites like BBC and Deutsche Welle to maps
  • Map Spreadsheets

    • Add Latitude and Longitude Columns
    • Handle Misspellings
  • Geocode Social Media

    • Geocode Tweets and Facebook Posts
  • Multiple Language Support

    • Arabic
    • English
    • Spanish
  • QGIS Plugin

    • Create Maps using a simple QGIS Plugin
  • API

    • Python library fdgis

Implemented Standards

  • Geographic JSON (GeoJSON)