Claudia Vitolo

My Mission

Promoting open and reproducible science and innovation using FOSS.


Claudia Vitolo is a Senior Scientist working for the European Space Agency on Digital Twin applications. She leads ESA Partnerships and Use Cases activities in the Destination Earth project of the European Commission while also working on the Enterprise Section to promote industrial competitiveness of space-based solutions and advocating for open and reproducible science and innovation to push the boundaries of geospatial/Earth Observation platforms and modelling services towards user-centric capabilities and community supported designs.

Claudia has 18+ years of experience in geospatial data analysis and free and open source software development (using R, Python and other programming languages) for desktop and web service applications. She is a former lecturer in Geographic Information Systems and Data Analysis and has expertise in artificial intelligence applied to Earth Observations for weather-driven disaster modelling and forecasting. She promotes reproducible research running dedicated events and serves as Associate Editor of the Scientific Data journal (Nature Publishing Group) and Geoscience Data Journal (Royal Meteorological Society).

Claudia co-founded the R-Ladies Global and the WomenInGeospatial+ organisations. She mentored for initiatives such as the Google Summer of Code, Kaggle and ECMWF Summer of Weather Code. Claudia also served as voting member of the R-Consortium Infrastructure Steering Committee from 2018 to 2020 and was awarded the prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award (2017-2022) for her community contributions.

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