Jörg Thomsen


Jörg Thomsen is living in Germany / Berlin and active in the german language OSGeo local chapter FOSSGIS e.V which organizes the annual FOSSGIS conference. Since march 2020 he is the vice chairman of FOSSGIS e.V.. Jörg started his Open Source GIS career in 1999 as MapServer user continuing with PostGIS and Mapbender the following years. He is member of the german local chapter organisation Fossgis e.V. since about 2006. He is part of the Mapbender team and loves MapServer. Jörg Thomsen leads several workshops and presentations on Mapbender, MapServer, GeoServer, PostgreSQL/PostGIS and OWS at a lot of conferences like FOSSGIS, AGIT, INTERGEO. Jörg is working as GIS consultuant at https://www.wheregroup.com and trainer of http://foss.adademy. A few years ago he developed the OpenStreetMap-Control-Tool, which allows you to get informed about changes in OSM-datasets within defined areas (https://wheregroup.com/en/products/openstreetmap-controltool).

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