Chandra Taposeea-Fisher

My Mission

Spread the use of Earth Observation in a fair and open way to benefit the world


I have been working in the Earth Observation in some capacity since 2009, where I had an internship at ESA in The Netherlands. Since then, I have been a Young Graduate Trainee at ESA in Rome, completed a PhD in Numerical and Marine Geophysics from Imperial College London, and have been working full time in the Earth Observation sector since 2017. Now a Senior Project Manager at Telespazio UK, I have worked on primarily ESA projects, including a Digital Twin Earth for Food Systems precursor, EO4SD Lab, CCI Sea State, several Thematic Exploitation Platforms, the TRUTHS Satellite. I am project manager for both the EOEPCA+ and EarthCODE ESA projects, both having FAIR Open Science principles at their forefront.

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