Gerkery Soto Roque

My Mission

Contribute to the development of open-source geospatial technologies, collaborating with the global community to promote the benefits of open standards.


Graduated in Computer Science Engineering with a deep love for the free and open source software philosophy. My career has led me to be part of the National Geographic Institute José Joaquín Hungría Morell, where I have channeled my enthusiasm for the open source world. In my country, I have become an active promoter of this philosophy, working tirelessly to promote its adoption and understanding. In addition, I’m a member of the Geography Commission of the Pan American Institute of Geography and History, Dominican National Section.

In my current role as manager of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Dominican Republic, I am dedicated to promoting the use of open standards and open source technology solutions. My mission is to facilitate access and collaboration in the field of geospatial information, contributing to the growth and accessibility of spatial data in my country and beyond. I am committed to promoting transparency and innovation through open source technology and its potential to transform our understanding of the world around us.”

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