Jashanpreet Singh


Your friendly remote 🌍 Full Stack GIS dev here. I work on approaching GIS 🗺 from the developer 💻 side of things. Learn more about me, my work, and feel free to reach out at contact

I have been in the industry since 2018 and have absolutely enjoyed being a tech nerd. My heart lies in working with GIS technologies. My main stack is React, Python/Node, and Postgres (in AWS), making me a full-stack developer.

I also dabble in PostGIS, QGIS, Timescale, Geoserver, and system architectures.

New challenges and learning opportunities in the tech domain especially in GIS. That is my way of saying – anything and everything GIS tech-related. Open-source projects are icing on the cake for me.

I promise to take you out for a meal if we can talk about Cloud Native Geospatial, Digital Twin, GIS, Open Data, or Spatial Temporal Mapping and Management.

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