Software Engineer and postgraduate in UX. She has been working actively in the geo field for 6 years, starting as a web and mobile developer at the ICGC, where she is part of the Geostart innovation group. She is currently in charge of the design and development of the geo-themed mobile apps ecosystem of the institute, based and released as open source. She has also worked actively on, an open source platform for creating and sharing maps. Last year she designed and developed an open source mobile application for the JRC, Canhemon which aims to capture data from trees in the field, once again betting on the use of technologies and free data. She is also a member of the the community of GeoInquiets (Barcelona). Currently she is also a very active member of the group GeoChicas, linked to OSM with the objective of closing the gender gap in the community. She is in charge of the technical coordination and development of the collaborative project of #LasCallesDeLasMujeres, which was born with the aim of showing on a map, the invisibility of female figures in the physical space of the streets, and also the virtual space, since the project is also linked to the wikipedia community. It has been very well received globally, and therefore, is in the process of growth. At the GeoChicas level, she has also participated in training workshops to share her technical knowledge with other women.

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