Mike Saunt


I've been using Open Source GeoSpatial software since 2003, originally with TAB2TAB. In 2005 I setup Astun Technology with the goal of being the leading Open Source GeoSpatial business in the UK. Working as part of a wide community of developers and users has enriched Astun, so we want to put something back. Astun is committed to supporting the community whether through sponsorship of the OSGeo Foundation or providing support to local chapters such as OSGeo:UK and the events they organise such as the FOSS4G:UK conference and QGIS User Groups. I believe that the community needs to be well funded to be sustainable and in 2017 Astun contributed in excess of £10,000 to various Open Source projects as sponsorship and / or funding code development. Astun also contributed over 90 man days of our staff’s time in helping with events, code sprints, hacks and other activities.

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