José Santos


José Pedro Santos is an entrepreneur in the field of European Commission H2020 funding schemes and Remote Sensing/GIS Expert, specially with Copernicus Missions. Besides his an entusiastic of Open Source software, namely QGIS, ILWIS and SNAP. His vast scientific knowledge led to the publication of several scientific articles as well as the participation as speaker in several national and international conferencesAt the professional level, José has over 10 years of experience. He began his professional career as a Geography Cycle Teacher, was an Army Officer, was a consultant at the European Space Agency and collaborated with several public bodies such as the Directorate General of the Territory and the IPMA. In parallel, he has been developing several projects for the European Commission and has been a finalist in several editions of entrepreneurship competitions in Europe. He has been a speaker at several European Commission conferences on environment and climate change. At the level of academic qualifications has a degree in Geography variant Geographic Information Systems and Cartography and a Master in Geographic Information Systems and Territorial Modeling applied to Spatial Planning. Currently attends a PhD in Quantitative Methods applied to Management.

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