Narcélio de Sá Pereira Filho


I'm a geographer and I love maps and spatial data. I am one of the coordinators of the Brazilian QGIS User Group where I participate in QGIS translation projects into Portuguese, I am active in social networks to help lusophone users find solutions to the problem they face in QGIS and give training and outreach presentations. FOSS4G tools in universities and research institutions. I am a member of the Brazilian OpenStreetMap community, where I collaborate with the production of open spatial data in OSM and spreading the importance of open spatial data in the production of scientific knowledge and decision making. I write a blog and have a YouTube channel that provides step by step guides for producing maps and data cartography in QGIS. Since I participated in FOSS4G Argentina in 2016, I have become more involved with the local communities of Brazil and Latin America, especially Argentina. I am part of the Geocast project, a Brazilian geotechnology channel that brings together several geotechnology professionals. I am ahead of Fortaleza Geoinquietos, a local initiative to build a strong regional geospatial community in northeastern Brazil. If you are in Ceará, come and say hello!

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