Raul Nanclares

My Mission

Promote FOSS4G tools everywhere! In Latin America there's still a lot of FUD and myths surrounding open source software, even more so in the geospatial industry. Show by doing is me preferred tactic, when people get to see what we are capable to do using FOSS they start re-thinking they prejudices and change their way of doing things.


Born in Madrid, Spain. Currently living in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Master in Geographic Information Technologies (Universidad de Alcalá de Henares). Degree in Forestry Engineering (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).

I’m a GIS & RS analyst turned data engineer with special interest in open source software tools. I’ve been working in government since 2015, as Geomatics Director first and now as Government Intelligence General Director in the Jalisco government. I’m a founding member of the QGIS Mexico User group and I’m very active in several QGIS user groups where i help new users with their questions and general geo-knowledge.

In 2016 when i was working for the Guadalajara municipality government our team won Bloomberg’s Mayors Challenge with a project completely based on open source (geospatial and non-geospatial) software, VisorUrbano.

I used to work for a satellite imagery reseller company and also taught QGIS, GIS and Remote sensing to companies and government institutions.

My everyday tools are:

* PostgreSQL/PostGIS
* Metabase
* R/Python

I’ve been a FOSS advocate since the early 2000’s when i was introduced to the GNU Linux distros and open source software tools. From time to time i do translations for the QGIS project.

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