Learn to program from early age, a place when you can put your creativity to work!
Then continued because is funny and we can do a lot of things with it.

Linux is not for all, but if you are able to get used to it and it has the tools you need, you can get an excellent work environment.

Studied Industrial civil engineer with a mention in energy in order to learn things that I don’t know.
In the meanwhile talked with ppl.
In the meanwhile talked with teachers.
In the meanwhile learned more math than calculus.
In the meanwhile get more related with opensource projects.
In the meanwhile played with Python.
In the meanwhile did some research on math (until now).
In the meanwhile learned more about Chinese medicine.
In the meanwhile played video games (optimize and reverse engineer the math of them).
In the meanwhile, try to learn and check any interesting thing I found.

After university working in a Research Team in University of Adolfo Ibáñez, focused in applied research on the territory.

My free time:
Do what I want, which usually is:
  • Rest
  • Watch Anime
  • Play video games
  • Research
  • Write funny programs
  • Talk with ppl

In the work, a few things I learned is:
  • I need be able to write better code. Real volume data needs a language that is able to process that much.
  • Learning Rust, safe, fast.
  • Computers + Math does not mix very well, there is uncertainty that is not usually considered.
  • Every place needs help to do things, we can’t do all.
  • Even with today computers, we need good algorithms.
  • Have more compute capacity causes have more data, more data causes to need more compute capacity.
  • Remember to when explain an idea, other ppl should be able to understand them, explain it well.
  • When there is challenge, a reachable solution, is better than a perfect unreachable one (We have deadlines).
  • Don’t overestimate solutions, is almost sure any proposal is not perfect, don’t be afraid to reach the sky.

Just for life, and because is the easiest way, look and follow on the middle point.
You can’t? don’t worry, try, learn, change, repeat, you will get better at it.

Self-learner, curious person, usually trying to do projects that causes programs to go to their limits.

Nothing is perfect.
Imperfection is not bad, only means all changes.
If all changes, you can’t be all, be wise with your decisions.

Help what you can, with the resources you have, keeping things on a better path and live.

Like to learn and do new things and enjoy the life.

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