Johannes Kröger

My Mission

Trying to make free and open-source GIS easier to use for everyone.


Sailing -> Navigation -> GNSS -> Geocaching -> OpenStreetMap -> Surveying/GIS/Cartography -> FOSS GIS \o/

I have been active in the geospatial FOSS world for many years.

I am active in the QGIS community; writing plugins, submitting bug reports, fixing bugs and also teaching QGIS at FOSS Academy. I am a regular fellow in GDAL’s IRC channel, answering questions and presenting or teaching about GDAL on conferences. I love speaking at conferences like FOSS4G and FOSSGIS or doing silly things like the FOSSGIS-Jeopardy quiz show.

As part of my activities in the German society for cartography (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kartografie e. V.) I organize the annual News-Infographies-Analytics-Maps symposium and co-organize the semi-regular CartoHack. Other society activies include FOSSGIS e. V. and QGIS e. V.

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