My Mission

I'm trying to give a hand wherever I can to help administering some Foundation systems and promote Open Source Software at all levels.


Jorge Sanz is a geospatial technologist from Valencia, Spain. With a Cartography and Geodesy Engineering background, he has worked in Geographical Information Systems and Software Engineering since 2004.

After two years as a postgraduate researcher at his alma mater, Jorge moved to Prodevelop, a Valencian software company, where he took different roles: developer, consultant, lecturer, and technical management. In 2015, Jorge moved to CARTO, a successful Spanish startup where he first took a sales engineer position and later also became the support team manager as well. In 2019, Jorge joined Elastic as a Geospatial Engineer to help maintain the company mapping service for Kibana users, contributing to the Kibana Maps and Dashboards applications.

Jorge was one of the first Spanish-speaking OSGeo community members, joining the foundation charter in 2008, contributing as a community member for the Spanish Language Local Chapter, and as a long-term member of the Systems Administration Committee. Over the years, Jorge also spent time on the Incubation and Marketing committees and the OSGeo Live project. Since 2011, he has also been one of the main coordinators of the local OSGeo microchapter called Geoinquietos Valencia. Finally, Jorge has been an OpenStreetMap casual contributor since 2007, lecturing about the project at conferences and workshops and helping coordinate mapathons for OSM and the Humanitarian OSM Team in Valencia.

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