Jeroen Ticheler

My Mission

My mission is to connect people by connecting communities and information. I strongly promote the use of international standards and Free and Open Source Software for geographic data and information. I do this by bringing a team of core developers together that innovates and gives back. And by creating sustainable and commercially viable software products that provide value to customers and to the open source software projects and communities so we all benefit.


CEO/Owner of GeoCat BV and GeoCat Canada Ltd. – Chair and founder of the GeoNetwork opensource – OSGeo Board of Directors.

GeoCat was founded by Jeroen in 2007. Jeroen studied Tropical Forestry at Wageningen University specialising in GIS and Remote Sensing. Following graduation in 1997, he worked for the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Rome for nine years. Jeroen held various positions for the FAO in GIS/remote sensing and established the GeoNetwork opensource project. The FAO GeoNetwork is the first implementation based on this software, releasing a large quantity of geospatial data to the public.

Today GeoNetwork opensource is widely used as geospatial catalogue application with implementations from smaller projects to national and international level catalogs including National Geospatial & Open Data Registries and the INSPIRE GeoPortal in the EU.

Jeroen has been promoting the use of international standards and Free and Open Source Software for geographic data and information for over twenty years now. Jeroen is Project Officer for the GeoNetwork opensource project. He currently serves on the OSGeo Board, and did so in 2007 & 2008. He is a Charter member since the early days of OSGeo.

Besides everything geospatial Jeroen loves travel, carpentry, working on his overland truck, study Carl Jung’s Analytical Psychology, and walk, work and live outside.


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