I love cartography with a background in art history and a childhood with my nose in National Geographic maps. The challenge to tell a story through a map is huge but important. Since leaving the Army awhile ago, I have worked in consultancies and have a dread of cyan, magenta, apple green as well as redrafts. I work for the Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation in a team of 7. I love turning people onto QGIS and hearing theirs oohs and ahhs over and over again, each time they find the freedom to map. At the moment, I am an end user with an eye to continually developing into a more techie later. I believe in a circular economy and have interests in empowering communities via mapping and trying to keep our Earth naturally balanced. My wish is work in the areas of: ecosystem restoration, adapting mapping using non-western linguistics and culture, community empowerment and educating the young.

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