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Support FOSS4G in Research and Education and spread FOSS4G use at national and international level


Marco Ciolli (Università di Trento). PhD in Forestry, Associate Professor at DICAM and C3A, University of Trento, Italy. He teaches Master and PhD courses in Applied Ecology, Spatial Ecological Modelling and GIS. He organized Summer Schools, GIS courses and workshops in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North America to spread and support FOSS4G. His research interests are Biodiversity conservation, GIS Modelling, Landscape ecology, Forest cover change, Remote Sensing, Ecological informatics, Tropical Ecology, Ecosystem services evaluation. He coordinated national and International Research Projects and published 92 scientific research papers, 11 book chapters and 58 conference papers. GRASS user since 1994, he organized the Open Source Free Software GIS РGRASS users international conference 2002 in Italy, wrote educational tutorials and contributed to QGIS and GRASS plugins/addons. He participated in many FOSS4G national and international conference Academic committees and he co-chaired the Academic Track of International conferences FOSS4G2022 Florence and FOSS4G2023 Kosovo.

He is co-chair of UNESCO Chair in Engineering for Human and Sustainable Development UNITN, member and one of the founders of, the Italian Chapter of OSGEO. Presently he is PI and WP leader in the project TransWILD Biodiversa+ Transformative wildlife management to enhance biodiversity protection and ecosystem services provision in shared and protected multi-use landscapes across Europe and participates in different Horizon projects.

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