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"In accordance with this theory, I too, Antiphon, having my tastes, even as another finds pleasure in his horse and his hounds, and another in his fighting cocks, so I too take my pleasure in good friends; and if I have any good thing myself I teach it them, or I commend them to others by whom I think they will be helped forwards on the path of virtue. The treasures also of the wise of old, written and bequeathed in their books, I unfold and peruse in common with my friends. If our eye light upon any good thing we cull it eagerly, and regard it as great gain if we may but grow in friendship with one another." [ ***The Project Gutenberg Etext of The Memorabilia by Xenophon*** Translation by H. G. Dakyns ]


Christos Iosifidis is a Dipl.Rural & Surveying Eng. teaching at Remote Sensing Lab.¬†at NTUA. He is known in the digital world as chiossif, an ardent promoter of free software and scholar of ancient codes in Fortran 77 and K&R’s C. Moreover specializes in geoinformatics and generally in geo-art, in photo-topografy and photographic techniques, in geo-motion and generally dance on earth. Inappropriate for solving simple problems, because he always composes more complex ones and famed for his profuse rhetoric which in case of digital recording produces huge files due to the increased duration and complexity in composition. The contact with him gives new dimensions to understanding concepts like co-mmunication and co-operation, while “teaching” (as he describes his patter) for freedom, love and peace on earth is beyond any physical or logical limit.

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