My Mission

Full time proffessor at Universidad de Guanajuato Research Interests: Landscape Ecology, Ecosystems management, Remote Sensing, GIS, Geostatistics, Species Distribution Models


For us, it´s important, essential, to study nature and raise awareness about the effects of our actions over our health, life, society and the other living forms on Earth. I would like to know more about how we modify our home: this planet. The tools I use are Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems, Statistics and Ecology. Lately, I have been working on the development of new technologies and methods to do so. I look especially to the processes of landscape changes and sustainability: climate change, agriculture, fire dynamics. My favorite ecosystem is the cloud forest. My mission is to communicate my findings and do something to change for the good the bad consequences of our acts. QGIS, GIS GRASS, R, and Linux rules!

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