Bianca Federici

My Mission

Promoting and teaching OSGeo projects


Bianca Federici is Professor of Geomatics at the University of Genoa (Italy). She teaches in several courses related to surveying techniques and GIS, with special focus on FOSS solutions. Her research mainly concerns the analysis of geospatial data in GIS and remote sensing for environmental analysis, as well as surveying and monitoring of natural and built environments.

In collaboration with several multidisciplinary research groups, she has developed GIS tools for assessing the susceptibility of rainfall-triggered landslides to collapse, for forecasting intense weather events using GNSS measurements, for assessing collision risk in logistical areas, for identifying areas potentially inundated by rivers or tsunamis, for planning GNSS survey campaigns taking into account real obstacles in the area, as well as techniques for extracting seawater turbidity or bathymetry of shallow waters from optical satellite images. She has over 120 scientific research papers.

She is currently a member of the executive committee of She was co-chair of the FOSS4G 2022 international conference, she organized or participated in the organization of the Italian GRASS GIS Users Meeting in 2007 and 2013, the Italian OSMit2010 Conference and several Italian FOSS4G conferences since 2017. She has been a member of their scientific committees.

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