She obtained a Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering at Medellin University 2006 and an MSc degree in Environmental and Geomatics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2012. She was a lecturer at San Buenaventura University in Colombia since 2007 till 2017, working and teaching in the fields of environmental planning and Geographical Information Systems GIS. She finished a PhD in Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering at the Hydroinformatics Lab Politecnico di Milano on May 2017. Her work activity is focused on Spatial Data Infrastructures SDI, architecture and design of Geographic Information Systems and Geospatial Web Services, Environmental Big Geo-data and Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Applications FOSS4G. She is a Charter member of OSGeo organization and a member of the organizing committee of FOSS4G Europe 2015. In May, 2018 she has joined the JRC in Unit E.1 as an external consultant ( From Arhs Developments) where she is working on the NEEDS OF THE COPERNICUS EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SERVICE (CEMS) Here she is getting expertise to work with large spatial datasets (both physical geographical and socio-economic) and different data formats (e.g., netcdf, ASCII, binary, shapefiles), as well as with GIS (e.g., ArcGIS), Web GIS (e.g. OpenLayers and similar javascript libraries), geospatial web services (e.g. WMS, WPS), python, statistical (e.g. R) and/or image processing software, and spatial/relational database management systems (e.g. ORACLE).

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